Range Tryout Times for Saturday February 11

Please arrive before your assigned time and be warmed up and ready to go.

Please be dressed appropriately for golf (shirts tucked in, hats facing forward, etc…)

Group 1 2:00-3:30

10 Players

Mendez, Ryan

Koeneke, Liam

Azumada, Keishiro

Ishida, Manato  (Not cleared)*

Schwaiger, Daniel (Not cleared) *

Khoo, Kenzo

Kraft, John (Not cleared)*

Voss, Schuyler (Not Cleared)* 

Xu, Brian

Dequidt Cortes, Carlos


Group 2 3:30-5:00

Fioroni, Caden

Hartanto, Ryan

Chap, Beau

Montes, Jacob

Swindell, Robbie

Cotton, Jadon

Rasmussen, Eric (Not cleared) *

Karam, Cameron

Haley, Gavin

Golden, Joshua

Parrish, Cole

*If you are not cleared by the time of tryouts you WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO PARTICIPATE

Players moving on to the on-course tryouts will be posted on the team blog (www.tphsbg2017.wordpress.com) by 8PM Saturday along with on course tryout information.

The first round of on-course tryouts will be on Monday 2/13 12:00PM and Tuesday 2/14 12:00PM with the 2nd round (if necessary) on 2/15 at 3:00PM.

Students will be given an early release to (11:00AM) to attend tryouts. You are required to get yourself to and from tryouts, the team WILL NOT be providing transportation. Tryout rounds will be held in Mission Valley and Carlsbad.

There are no “make-up” days for tryouts.





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