Updated Cleared List 2/8/17

Updated Cleared List as of 2/8/17

Adam Spencer 10 Cleared

Azumada Kyoshiro 12 Cleared

Azumada keishiro 9 Cleared

Chap Beau 9 Cleared

Clark Maximus 9 Uncleared

Conley Alex 10 Cleared

Cortes dequidt Carlos 10 Cleared

cotton jadon 11 Cleared

Farmer Jonathan 11 Cleared

Fioroni Caden 9 Cleared

Gandhi Sanil 11 Cleared

Golden Joshua 10 Cleared

Haley Gavin 10 Cleared

Hartanto Ryan 9 Cleared

Ishida Manato 9 Uncleared

Karam Cameron 10 Cleared

Khoo Kenzo 9 Cleared

Kim Joshua 11 Cleared

Koeneke Liam 9 Cleared

Kraft John 9 Uncleared

Li Raymond 10 Cleared

martinez Giana-luca 10 Cleared

McGrath Justin 11 Cleared

Mendez Ryan 9 Cleared

montes jacob 12 Cleared

Parrish Joseph “Cole” 9 Cleared

Rasmussen Eric 10 Uncleared

Rodea Isaac 10 Cleared

Schwaiger Daniel 9 Uncleared

Song James 11 Cleared


Weiland Mattias 10 Cleared

Xu Brian 9 Cleared


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