Cleared/Uncleared List as of 1/31/17

Athletic Packets are DUE TOMORROW 2/1/17

This list is what we have so far. Check the TP Athletics page for more clearance information (

If you are planning on trying out or playing this season you need to get your packet in and cleared ASAP

Last Name First Name Grade Transfer
Adam Spencer 10 Cleared
Azumada Kyoshiro 12 Cleared
Azumada keishiro 9 Cleared
Chap Beau 9 Uncleared
Clark Maximus 9 Uncleared
Conley Alex 10 Cleared
Cortes Dequidt Carlos 10 Cleared
Cotton Jadon 11 Cleared
Fioroni Caden 9 Cleared


Gandhi Sanil 11 Cleared
Golden Joshua 10 Uncleared
Haley Gavin 10 Cleared
Hartanto Ryan 9 Cleared
Ishida Manato 9 Uncleared
Karam Cameron 10 Cleared
Khoo Kenzo 9 Cleared
Kim Joshua 11 Uncleared
Koeneke Liam 9 Cleared
Kraft John 9 Uncleared
martinez Giana-luca 10 Cleared
Mendez Ryan 9 Cleared
Montes Jacob 12 Cleared
Parrish Joseph “Cole” 9 Cleared
Rasmussen Eric 10 Uncleared
Rodea Isaac 10 Cleared
Schwaiger Daniel 9 Uncleared
Xu Brian 9 Uncleared

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